A Travel Guide to Puerto Galera, Mondoro Oriental: Where to go, Sample Itinerary and Budget

By Anne Elizabeth Apolona Gumiran - 6:04 PM

Puerto Galera is a town located at the northern part of Mindoro Oriental, a province in Region IV-B MIMAROPA of the Philippines' archipelago. It can be reached in 4-5 hours by land and sea travel from Manila. It is one of the most visited summer destinations not just by the children of Juan dela Cruz but also by the foreign tourists. Well, if you have visited it and have only been to White Beach, maybe it's time for you to come back and explore the other hidden wonders of it that I will be virtually taking you to in this travelogue.

Should one mention about Puerto Galera, the vast salt water that would spoil one's tropical state of mind, the dire need of vitamin sea and the night life that makes one young and alive (not to mention the Mindoro sling) would automatically be painted into ones' minds. White Beach, of course, is on the top notch of these summer destinations in the island.

Most of the time, tourists choose to be dropped off straight to and check into inns, hotels/resorts in White Beach since it has basically become the center of the fun and activities in the island 24/7. Touts offer island and beach hopping in there as well for only 1500/ boat good for 8 persons with 2-3 destinations. Additional 300php/ 3 persons shall be paid if you choose to go snorkeling at the area where giant clams are located. Additionally, the good thing about staying in there is that there are big boats which go straight to the beach (i.e. through Minolo Shipping Line).

🚌From Starmall Alabang, ride a bus (ALPS bus liner) going to Batangas Pier; there are also buses in Cubao bound for the Pier
💸127php bus fare
🚢From Batangas Pier, ride a ferry going straight to White Beach
💸275php one-way ticket
💸500php two-way ticket
💸Pay 30php terminal fee (Batangas Port)
The trips of small ferries are time bound. The last trip as far as a I remember is at 3pm. Hence, it is advisable that you go early to the port for your trip. There are RORO which sail until 11pm but they go straight to Calapan which is way too far from White Beach.

Aside from the fun water activities, the night life and island hopping offered in the beach per se, why don't you try to go on an inland tour around Puerto Galera and take the path less traveled? If you want to spend a night away from the partying crowd, listening to nothing but the waves and walk at the shore under the sky full of stars, you should hit Talipanan Beach. This side of Galera offers and promises a serene, peaceful and relaxing ambiance since it is a little less traveled compared to White Beach. There are cheap but awesome inns and rooms in here and they also offer island and beach hopping activities which starts at 2500php per boat that could accommodate 6-8 persons.

The sand isn't that white and there are lots of stones at the shore but the sea promises you a pristine and glimmering waters under the sunlight. You should walk your way to the other side of Talipanan beach, going left beside Luca's Pizzeria for some reasons. First, it is less crowded in that place. Second, Luca's Pizzeria serve mouth-watering Italian cuisine which is really affordable. Their 12-in diameter pizza ranges from 270-410php and their pasta is at 200php which may be good for 3-4 servings. Lastly, the area I was previously referring to has these rock formations where crystal clear waters in the middle or these rocks lies.

The sick-awesome view at Luca's balcony

At the rock formation on the other side of Talipanan Beach.

There really isn't cliff diving point in here.  It's just that I'm too petite and the waters are high at that time and my extreme inner self was so craving for a jump that I climbed one of these rocks and jumped 😂

Below are the resorts that you may choose from to accommodate you in your stay in the beach. These resorts are at the beach front. You may want to check on their Facebook pages for reservations and queries regarding their rates.

Mountain Beach Resort
Mountain Beach Resort Facebook Page
D' Mountain Beach Resort Official Website

Inifinity Resort - 09177926353
Infinity Resort Facebook Page

Sunny Beach Resort - 09167453931
Sunny Beach Resort Facebook Page

Yoyo's Inn/ Yoyo Resort - 09062898399
Yoyo Resort Facebook Page

Click the link below to book your trips and room reservations 😉
Book your trips now!

We stayed at Yoyo's Inn since the others are fully booked. We paid 1500 overnight for a room good for two (but we're actually three). Room for two's rate is at 1200 originally with free breakfast. Ate Aya was the one who accommodated us. She is quite jolly and approachable.

🚌From Starmall Alabang, ride a bus (ALPS bus liner) going to Batangals Pier
🚢From Batangas Port, ride a ferry to Muelle, White Beach or Balatero
💸Ride a tricycle to Talipanan, 300-400php
🏡Lodging rate usually starts at 1200 overnight with free breakfast already

You can also come to Puerto Galera and straight to Talipanan from Tingloy, Batangas. Local boatmen of Tingloy offer boat ride from there (Masasa Beach) for only 100php per head.

In our case, we arrived late (around 6pm) at the port so we took a bigger ferry (Starlite). RORO and big ferries are functional til 10-11 in the evening while the smaller ferries sail only at 3-4pm. Anyway, we headed to Balatero (180php) and then rode a tricycle to Dulangan (300php) since I have relatives living in there. It is just few minutes away from Tamaraw Falls and Aplaya Munti Beach.

We really didn't have much problem going home from Talipanan. Ate Aya booked us a one-way trip in Minolo shipping line. We were picked up by a shuttle at the inn and we paid 325.00 for it including the boat fare. We paid an additional 10php at Muelle for the terminal fee. It took as an hour and a half from Muelle to Batangas Pier.

Beach bumming isn't the only thing one can enjoy in his or her stay in the island. If you are a bit adventurous, you can also try trekking, inland tour and chasing waterfalls, too. Yes, there are waterfalls that you can visit around Puerto Galera. Should you decide to stay in or near White Beach, you can rent a tricycle to bring you to these destinations. However, it's going to be a little pricey since these falls are located far from each other. The one nearest to White Beach is Aninuan Falls, followed by Tamaraw Falls, Tukuran Falls and the farthest is Talipanan Falls. These are just few of the explored and usually visited falls in the island perhaps the others are left unexplored. If you want to save, just in case, you may want to check in to Talipanan and rent a scooter which costs 500php only for 24 hours. You can go anywhere with it and you will also be provided with maps. However, gas is not included in the rental fee of the ride. As far as I know and remember, it's only in Talipanan that I have heard of scooters for rent. You may want to ask locals near White Beach as regards this matter so it would be easier for you to go to these places.

Trail of Mt. Malasimbo going to Talipanan Falls

Talipanan Falls

Before you actually reach Talipanan Falls, you'll pass by Mangyan Village.
It is a small civilized community of Mangyans in the town. According to some locals, some natives can also be found in Bulalacao. They have their own schools and courts inside as well. Tourists who visit the village can also buy handicrafts originally made by Mangyans. You can also buy legit pearls from here!

According to our guides, this is the Mangyan's cultural center and computer room. Folks from Manila usually come here every weekend to teach the Mangyans and at the same time develop this center.

Here are some of the products crafted by the Mangyans. They actually sell it.

The Mangyan Village

Tanaraw Falls

Aplaya Munti Beach

Below is a suggested itinerary should you decide to go backpacking Puerto Galera
NOTE: Tricycle and the scooters (for rent) are the only means of transportation that could possibly and conveniently bring you to these places. Jeepneys, though, can take you at some point; but still, you will need a tricycle to bring you to the place itself. Further, this itinerary is only possible if you'd not spend too much time on each destination because the travel time is also of great consideration.

DAY 1:
✔White Beach
✔Packaged island/ beach hopping (San Antonio Long Beach, Virgin Beach, Sandbar, Snorkeling at the giant clams' area)
✔Aninuan Falls
✔Back to White beach for water fun activities/ sunset watching
✔Night life

DAY 2:
✔Tukuran Falls
✔Tamaraw falls
✔Aplaya Munti Beach
✔Bulabod Beach

You can actually enjoy bathing in the running waters of Tamaraw falls through checking in to the resort below for only 30php.

DAY 3:
✔Mangyan Village
✔Talipanan Falls
✔Talipanan Beach

You can go to Mangyan Village and Talipanan falls by foot since you have to do trekking in here. You also need guides for you not to be lost. You may ask staff from the inn or resort that you will be checking into for tour guides and this will cost you 250php.

You may also want to check the video below to get a good view of the places included in the itinerary that you might want to visit as well 😉

SERIOUS NOTE: If it's your first time coming to Batangas Pier, do not let these persistent pasalubong guy vendors carry your stuff and bring you to the stores were you can buy pasalubongs. They have the tendency to sell overpriced items and even ask you to pay for them. You can actually report these people to the security personel around the port as what they are doing is strictly prohibited.

Do you have anything to add to this trip? Feel free to share it at the comments section! 💕

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