DIY Travel Guide to Layag Layag Beach Camp with Sample Budget and Itinerary

By Anne Elizabeth Apolona Gumiran - 6:05 PM

The province of Batangas is undeniably known for housing such sick-awesome summits and beaches which are frequently visited most especially during summer vacation. Just this 2017, a lot of summer destinations have boomed on Facebook and one of which is the Layag-Layag beach camp in Brgy. Papaya, Nasugbu, Batangas. Nothing but good reviews was what I've seen about the cove. Curious about what this beach has to offer, I called the gang, hit the road and crossed  this out in my never-ending beach list.

Jumping off to more or less eight to nine feet deep clear waters!

Water's pristine. Sand's white. Underwater's rich and good for snorkeling. What's not to love about this beach? There are lots of things that  you can actually do in the cove aside from swimming. You can also try cliff diving on its two different spots, snorkeling, island hopping, chasing sunset at dusk and star gazing at night.

Here's one of the best spots for snorkeling. Be careful, though. There are walo-walo (sea snakes) and sea urchins down there. 

Getting to and away the Beach Camp

There are basically two ways to get there. You can either take the route coming from Cavite or the other from the Nasugbu town proper.


1. From Buendia or Pasay, ride a bus going to Nasugbu then get off Nasugbu town proper
2. From the town proper, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Papaya, Nasugbu
3. Coordinate with the locals as regards boat transfers

When getting away from the beach, make sure that you'll contact the local boatman ahead of time as regards when would you like to be picked up. On weekends, there's a tendency that they can't pick you up on your prior agreed time due to the volume of the guests that they also entertain. Once you have arrived at Barangay Papaya, take a tricycle to the town proper where you could take a bus back to the City.

Private Car

If you choose to drive through Cavite with your own ride, you can enroute to Ternate-Kaybiang tunnel and take a left turn past Puerto Azul and take a turn to the right upon seeing the waiting shed with the 'Brgy. Papaya this way' sign.

Sample Budget
*note that the suggested budget takes into consideration the number of travelers whom somone could share expenses with. This would prolly be around three to five people in a group.

Bus fare - 158php - 160php x 2 = 320php
Tricycle fare - 60php/head (minimum of 3 pax, 200php if special trip) x 2 = 120php
Boat ride to and from the cove - 200php/ head
Environmental fee - 20php

Food - 300php/ head
50php - wash up fee (on the beach)
20php wash up fee at Brgy. Papaya
TOTAL: 1,010php

Optional expense:
Island hopping fee - 1500php/number of pax
Snorkeling gear - 150php

Sample Itinerary for an Overnight Stay
3:00am - meet up/ Buendia/ Pasay
3:30am - Expected Time of Departure to Nasugbu
5:30am - Expected Time of Arrival Nasugbu Town Proper/ Shopping for goods and food/ Breakfast
6:00am - ETD to Brgy. Papaya
6:30am - ETA Brgy. Papaya/ Meet local boatmen
6:45am - Island hopping
9:45am - end of island hopping/ ETA Beach Camp/ Set up camp
11:00am - prepare food for lunch
12:30nn - LUNCH
1:30pm onwards - free time (swim, photo ops, snorkel, cliff dive, etc)
5:00pm - sunset watching
7:00pm - dinner
8:00pm onwards - socials/ retire for the night

6:00am - breakfast
7:00am - beach bum, swim, cliff dive, snorkel
10:00am - break camp/ pack up
10:30am - return to Brgy. Papaya
10:45am - ETA Brgy. Papaya/ wash up
12:00nn - ETD to Nasugbu Town Proper
12:45nn - late lunch
1:30pm - home bound
5:30pm - ETA Manila

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Cliff diving is only among the activities that you can try in Layag-Layag. Plus, there are actually two literally breathtaking diving spots here!

Things to Remember

1. As regards the food, you can buy from the town market should you decide to prepare your own. You can actually borrow cooking utensils, buy charcoal, water and ice from the locals. You may also choose to have them cook your food for you and you can either wait for it to be done or have it delivered to you to the cove.
2. There are no toilets. You should bring malong or something to get you covered with whatever you need to do lol
3. There  are no cottages and cabanas. Trees are the only ones that will provide you shade. Might as well bring tents if you are to spend a night on the beach. Tent pitching is free.
4. It gets too hot in this beach! Make sure you'll bring sun protection. 
5. Bring trash bins to LEAVE NO TRACE. It saddened me big time when we visited the beach. The other side of it has become a dumpsite. There were also trash on the waters. The locals are doing their best to maintain the island but the number of tourists (and their trash) has become out of hand already so this might help them a lot.

The cleanliness and maintenance of the beach has been an issue in the previous year. The beach took a break from the tourists because the locals had to rehabilitate it. Due to the surge of the tourists who come to this supposedly hidden gem of the town, the locals could no longer take their time to do their periodical clean up drive. To prevent beaches from closing down, let us try our best to do something about it so the next generation could also get to see and experience the beauty that we once enjoyed.

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