Siquijor Travel Guide: Places to Visit, Sample Itinerary, Budget and Where to Stay

By Anne Elizabeth Apolona Gumiran - 5:40 AM

The island of Siquijor is surrounded by the giants in the tourist go-to's in Visayas which puts the province into the off-beaten travel destinations in the Philippines. What others do not know is that, this island is full of wonders and surprises which makes reality better than your expectations. It is blessed various unspoiled beaches, enchanting waterfalls and marvelous architectures that you would not want to miss in your life. Personally, I have never thought that Siquijor is that of a stunner that I never wanted to leave. My mom warned me about it. She believed that Siquijor is a seat of witch craft of some sort. But then, I came home falsifying my mom's beliefs. I told her how beautiful this province is and how I was accommodated by the people well.

The whole island is just so serene that is quite perfect for soul searching and relaxation because there are no waves nor surge of tourists coming in. In fact, during our visit, we've seen more foreigners than Filipinos.

There's quite a lot to visit in this island that a day would not suffice to got these must-sees. Name it, Siquijor has it. From verdant hilltops and mountains, refreshing waterfalls, historical and pilgrimage sites to pristine beaches, Siquijor is definitely a paradise to travelers. Driving from a point to another isn't tiring at all because you'll not be caught in any jams plus the view is just so fascinating! The ocean is just right beside the road which will make you stop randomly to admire its vastness that shimmers under the sun. If beaches are out of sight, the towering coconut trees will delight you.

Someone's truly enjoying his stroll in the island! 

The frequently visited in the province and not should be missed are as follows:

#NoFilter snap with GoPro Hero 6! Lit! Our photos and videos need no filter. Real beauty captured! 


Paliton Beach for me is the most peaceful beach I've been to in Siquijor. You can enjoy the cream white sand, calm waters and rows of coconut trees to yourselves. Also, it is also a jump off to those who would like to enjoy not just the rich marine life of the island. There are nearby resorts that can assist you with the activity. Diving without assistance from certified divers. 

How do you define BEAUTY? How can you tell if someone is BEAUTIFUL? People can define the word beauty in million ways. It's subjective. What's beautiful to me, may not be beautiful to you, that's the truth. It all depends on where would we position ourselves in the object that we are to describe. But then, it's sad that the mainstream associates this word to all good things, to nothing but what's pleasing to the senses. Otherwise, it is unwanted, ugly and it doesn't deserve appreciation. What's more alarming is that, some people push themselves to become someone whom they are not. They tend to put on masks just to be considered and appreciated; they eventually become untrue to themselves. You know you shouldn't be.... You're beautiful in your own unique ways. Being beautiful is not about being the person who tries to meet the society's hypocritic standards but being true to and proud of yourself no matter what you are, who you are. You don't need other people's approval. Being beautiful is not about how much likes and follows you get on social media; it is not about people telling you all the time that you're beautiful; it is not about dressing up well and putting too much make up on your face; it is not always about having fair skin, pointed nose, dreamy eyes, being tall, slim or sexy. Because no matter what you are and what you have, someone who truly knows you by heart and soul could see the real beauty in you even without all these. 📍Paliton Beach, Siquijor Island
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For only 10php, you can enjoy the sight of the enormous century old balete tree and the fish spa at the man-made pond at the tree's foot. There's also a restaurant and souvenir shop adjacent to it.

Dip your feet and let the fish do their thing ;)



Spent our time mostly on the road. This foldable bottle from Vapur Philippines got us hydrated! It can be folded when not in use and you can conveniently carry it around in your adventures for you can simply hang it on your bags ;)

There are no entrance nor environmental fees in Cambugahay falls. You'll just pay for the parking and tarzan jump fee which cost 10php and 20php respectively. You can jump all you want with your 20php. There are also locals who would offer you their assistance and life vest. The life vest costs 100php each. In our case, we didn't any of those. We just placed our bags within our sight plus we know how to swim.

If your are in search for thrill in pristine waters of Siquijor, Salagdoong beach is the one. It is in here where you can jump from 35 feet high diving board down to the clear sea waters. There is a life guard stationed at the diving board, though. There are cottages, rooms for rent, canteen and public washroom, too.

You may also want to visit the Broomstick Challenge which you'll pass by when going to Lazi Church from the Century Old Balete Tree.

There are no direct flights to Siquijor. Thus, in traveling to the island, one has to take ferries and fast crafts from the other provinces. From Manila, you need to book a flight to Cebu or Dumaguete City.


Maayo Shipping Line sails to Cebu v.v. Larena, Siquijor twice a day at 10:00am and 5:00pm. If you'll be coming from Cebu City, take a bus from South Bus Terminal bound for Bato-Oslob. Alight at Liloan Port. Fare is around 200php with 20php terminal fee.


Siquijor is more accessible from Dumaguete City than Cebu. Further, if you decide to go to Siquijor earlier, you can enroute to the province from Cebu via Dumaguete City. As early as 5:45am, there are shipping lines that sail directly to Siquijor for around 2 hours. Montenegro and GL Shipping Lines have daily trips to Siquijor as early as 5:45am and 7:00am for around 160php and 25php terminal fee. Discounts are also given to students and Senior Citizens with ID. Take note that you need to reserve tickets when sailing on weekends.

You have choices as regards the Siquijor Island Tour. You can join organized tours, get a private tour guide or roam on your own as long as you have your driver license with you. Upon your arrival at the port, you'd see locals waiting on tourists who would like to go around the island at a price. There are also commercial spaces in which you'll find vehicles for rent with and without tour guides. One of the best ways for me to go around is through renting and driving a motorbike on  your own. You may want to reserve one prior to your trip. We availed a motorbike from Siquijor Island Motorbike for Rent and Tourguide (greenmonkeybikerental). You may contact Kuya Jorich at +63 917 9544 960. Their rates are as follows:

-Motorbike (self-drive for 24 hours)                                      400php
-Van driver and gas (8-hour tour)                                           3,000php
-Self-drive car (24 hours)                                                       2,500php
-Tricycle                                                                                 1,200php
-Motorbike with driver (coastal and mountain tour)              1,000php
-Multicab (8-hour tour)                                                           800php

Going around isn't hard as it seems that you can actually do it yourself even if it's your first time in the island. Kuya Jorich provided us with a map dotted with the must-see places in Siquijor. Getting lost isn't a problem at all as well. You can always ask the locals along the road for directions and they'll be glad to help you with it.
With Kuya Jorich of Green Monkey Bike Rental

Our itinerary started with Siquijor, Siquijor going to Larena. If you are to follow the same and would like to leave the island on the same day (WHICH YOU'LL SURELY REGRET JUST LIKE US), make sure you'll arrive at Larena Port on or before 5:00pm since it is the last trip going to Cebu via Maayo Shipping Lines. If you are Dumaguete City bound, make sure you'll make it on or before 4:00pm as it is also the last trip going there. You need not to worry about the motorbike, though. If you are to rent from Green Monkey Bike Rental, they'll just ask you to drop it off Sea Breeze Lodge which is just in front of Larena Port.



4:45am - ferry from Liloan Port, Santander to Sibulan Port (Dumaguete)
5:20am - ETA Sibulan port/ jeep to Dumaguete Port going to Siquijor
5:40am - ETA Dumaguete port to Siquijor

5:45am - ETD to Siquijor
7:30am - ETA Siquijor, Siquijor/ breakfast
8:30am - start tour
8:40am - St. Francis De Asisi Church
9:00am - Paliton Beach
10:30am - Casilay Spring Park
10:45am - Century Old Balete Tree
11:30am - Lazi Church/ Convent
12:00pm - Cambugahay Falls
2:30pm - Salagdoong Beach
4:00pm - wash up
4:30pm - ETD to Larena Port
4:50pm - ETA Port
5:00pm - ETD to Cebu
7:30pm - ETA Cebu

Fast craft fare - 40php
Terminal Fee (Liloan Port) - 15php
Ferry fare (Dumaguete to Siquijor-GL Shipping) - 160php
Terminal Fee (Dumaguete Port) 30php
Breakfast - 70php
Motorbike rent - 400php/day
Gasoline - 110php
Century Old Balete Tree entrance fee - 10php
Cambugahay Falls - 20php/ unli tarzan jump
100php - lunch
Salagdoong Beach Entrance Fee - 25php
Ferry (Larena Port to Liloan Port) - 200php
Terminal Fee - 17php
TOTAL - 1,182php
*If you are to share the motorbike with someone, budget could be lessen up to 927php

Maybe after ages when a lot of people discover about this, Siquijor will finally meet its popularity. By that time, I hope all of us, travelers or tourists, will become aware of what might happen if its wonders wouldn't be taken care of. They're not made for selfies and pictorials, in the first place, but to be stewarded. Let's be responsible enough to take care of what the island has for the nature cannot protect itself. Further, its retaliation is worse than what we could imagine and of course, we would not want that. It's not only the duty of the locals to take care of it but everyone who visits it. In that case, generations after generations could still enjoy what we have witnessed. This could be done through following simple traveling principles like take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints.


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                    Coco Grove Beach Resort Siquijor Coco Grove Beach Resort   REPLICA MANOR Guest Room
                      Coco Grove Beach Resort                                               Replica Manor


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