The Queen's Escape Almost Signed Off

By Anne Elizabeth Apolona Gumiran - 1:40 AM

I am someone who never wanted to be idle. In every waking hour of my life, I see to it that I'll be productive because I have known myself as a goal-oriented person. I fret big time when I end up doing nothing for quite some time. Knowing myself as that kind, I have resorted into engaging into various activities and job that consume too much of my body's energy. 

Presently, I am a full-time teacher, a part time graduate student and a travel blogger. I deal with a lot of deadlines and I loved beating them. I am quite active in all aspects of my being. I crave for days when I could cram, do a lot of stuff at the same time and finish them all off with great smile and sense of achievement.

Everyone wonders how I'm able to pull these things off. 

At first, I was able to balance everything well with several cups of coffee, good time management, great music and motivation that never runs out. I work six hours a day as a Senior High School teacher in a public school and God along with every public school teacher knows how heavy the work load is. But then, I efficiently accomplish everything in my time and when I'm off, I totally cut myself off as well with all my duties and responsibilities as a public servant. I do not bring my work at home as I would like it to be spent for some other thing that I'd enjoy and relieve me from the stress that my day job puts me into.When at home, that's when I work on either my thesis for my masters, my backlogs or attend to and update my social media accounts. Writing is quite an outlet and a stress reliever at the same time. On weekends, I see to it that I'll be able to go somewhere and travel as it is an ultimate escape from my job and studies. Often times, I'd go on a backpacking trip, explore and jump into exciting and thrilling activities to feed my adrenaline junkie self.

Then, I'll be home feeling recharged and ready for another week. That's how Anne is.

However, it is not always the case. Recently, I have felt the need to quit everything. I have consumed myself way too much that it dawned on me that I am tired and I became sickly. Getting up in the morning has become among the most challenging things to do. I have weighed on my priorities and felt the need to let go of some things. Traveling and blogging were of the least priority. Consequently, I was contemplating about it as traveling and writing has become a 'need' more than just a 'want'. It has been keeping me sane.

I was in great state of confusion and it pulled me down. I know I needed help.

Good thing, I have friends who have listened to my dilemma. Some said I was just tired and overwhelmed with everything. I needed to rest and regain the energy that I have consumed.

A friend introduced me to Ultima vitamins. I was hesitant at first as I don't see myself dependent on vitamins and supplements. But then, I gave it a shot as I thought that this is what my body actually needs. I started taking it regularly as I rest.

 Also, I was in constant communication with people who have always believed in me. With a whole lot of encouraging words and Ultima vitamins, I regained the energy and motivation that I have lost and got back into track.

I faced everything with a brand new feeling and energy. There was no signing off at all that happened.

So if you feel like quitting, think about this...

Undeniably, we'd all come to a point where weariness would take its toll on us. It isn't just the weariness alone that will try bring us down but also the challenges that would bludgeoned us one after the other. The worst part is it would push us to quit even the ones that we enjoyed doing the most. It drains the life, energy and motivation in us. If that happens, please know that there will always be people like your friends and family who will always be ready to hear you out. Turn to them as they will never doubt on you but trust you when you cannot trust yourself anymore. However, it s a matter of opening yourself up to them at the same time, allowing yourself to be better. It's a transaction. Also, It is fine to rest or pause if you feel exhausted. Take your time and fall into your well-deserved deep slumber. But by hook or by crook, do not quit nor give up. Always remember that you have THE POWER TO DO IT ALL.

Well as for me, I am very glad that I have these people in my life and Ultima vitamins that always keep me up and pumped.

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