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Hi! I am Queenie, the queen who escapes.

I am Anne Gumiran. Queenie at home and Ms. A in school. I am a licensed professional teacher by profession, a Master of Arts in English as a Second language student and a traveler by heart and soul. I work 7am to 4pm on weekdays, once a graduate student in a university on Saturdays; now a traveler on my free time and days the moment I had my required academic units completed and passed my comprehensive exams.

It's hard - traveling knowing that I've got tons of essays to check when I get back to school, forms to accomplish, grades to compute, reports to be submitted, bills I have to pay and a thesis to defend. It's suffocating that I realized one day, I needed an escape.

I went out to see what this world has laid on my feet. I stepped out of the threshold to explore the wonders of what's dubbed as 'Pearl of the Pacific' has to offer. I met a lot of people. I made new friends. I got oriented with different cultures and languages. I tasted food I have never tried before. I've done things I never thought I would do. I was brought by my wandering sole to places I've never thought of visiting. I was infinite for a moment and sky was the only limit I had. It was beautiful. Philippines effortlessly made me fall in love with it. I was not even halfway of visiting its 81 provinces but I have fallen deeply, madly in love with its wonders.

Having several ticked off the 81, I tried to put its stories and beauty in words and share it to the world; because it's only in this way that I could bring you to another dimension, take a journey with me. For several times, words fail me during the writing as most of these places leave me speechless with its beauty - lost in awe to the surreal escapisms I had.

Why don't you?

It's hard at first, yes. You have to adjust. But if you really love it, to the point that it has become your passion, it will be more than just a getaway or an escape - you'll seriously find a way to do it; and you will do it until it has become your life.

I once heard a wise man said, "It's better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way."

True enough, life is meant to be lived colorfully, in a way you want it to be, in a way that you will enjoy it. I intend to color mine with my adventures - people, food, places, everything! How about you?


No, I ain't wasting a single penny;

No, I ain't wasting any time;

I may have frequently gone to a lot of places on weekends, went home a couple of times knocking on my house's door at 4am with just a few minutes to prepare for work with no sleep at all;

I may have done reports, research papers, my thesis, presentations and lesson plans while on the road;

I may have abruptly resorted to a healthy diet just to save for my next trip (which is a win-win);

I may not be sleeping on the softest mattress nor tucked in thick and warming blankets on a cold weekend night;

I may be saying these things though I may have only gone to few places compared to others who are hardcore in traveling;

I may not have bought new pairs of shoes or some fancy clothes;

Nothing else could amount to the self- fulfilment and happiness I feel everytime I get to see the wonders this world has right in front of me - this wonders that get me, All. The. Time. I wouldn't trade a night under the stars, lying on the sand for anything; nor a hot summer day, getting a dose of vitamin sea and getting golden under the sun.

When I travel, I find myself infinite, limitless. I want to jump on every cliff, dive in the deep, climb every mountain, chase waterfalls, the glorious sunshines and breath taking sunsets, surf every wave, feel the rain on my face and the sun on my shoulders, swim and feel the water on my skin, sink my feet on the sand, count the shooting stars at night til I fall asleep on the grass or the sand, surf every wave....I want to do everything while I still can.

Maybe a few could understand how I am deeply, madly in love with traveling - my passion; how I spend time dreaming and planning for my next trip and going for it; how I would drive down the life's fast lane, speeding through red lights just to be in paradise - making reality better than what I have dreamed of. 

And I'm forever grateful for the people who understand me; for the people who even stayed up all night on the road to explore places we've never seen before on the next day; for the people who walk with me to the top of the world; and for the people who continuously support me through all of this.

Hi, I am Anne... and I love to travel. I have finally found myself - what I want to do in life.

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